Little Learning Seeds is based in the Exe Valley in Devon and travels further afield if necessary.

1:1 tuition for children:

I have been privileged enough to work on a 1:1 basis with a range of ages and abilities for a wide variety of reasons. From 7 & 8 plus exam preparation to weekly creative writing ideas, handwriting help, project guidance, learning how to read or simply homework help, I’ve done it. If your child needs extra support in an area of learning, Little Learning Seeds can provide extra resources, ideas and advice for them. Weekly, 2 weekly, monthly or holiday tuition is available. I have extensive experience in Early Years and Key Stage 1 (ages 2-7); however I can provide support for children up to aged 11 in all subjects apart from foreign languages. Early reading & writing as well as English tuition are my specialist areas.blocks

1:1 guidance for parents:

As a parent we have many worries and responsibilities throughout our children’s lives, especially when it comes to their education and learning. If you are concerned or simply want advice on how you can support your child’s learning at home, so they achieve the best they can at school, please contact Little Learning Seeds.

Group parent workshops:

Little Learning Seeds runs small workshops at my home or in other people’s homes for a group of parents wanting to have ideas on how they can support their children’s learning at home. These can be tailored to a group’s needs and requests; however my main focus is on early reading and writing skills. These workshops are aimed at Early Years and Key Stage 1 (Ages 2-7). Little Learning Seeds provides helpful, hands on ideas, resources, activities and advice on how you can get your child school ready, as well as supporting them in those crucial first few years of formal education. Each parent will be provided with a useful pack of ideas and resources to be used with your little learner. If you’d like to host a Little Learning Seeds workshop at your home, you will get the workshop for free as a thank you for providing a space and a group of fantastic parents.

School parent workshops:

When I was teaching I led many parent workshops at schools. These had different focuses from phonics, reading, writing to maths and general homework / project support. These workshops take time for teachers to prepare and present. Teachers are such busy people, so allow Little Learning Seeds to take that responsibility and provide parent workshops tailored to your schools needs. Little Learning Seeds is able to provide this service to large groups of parents in schools. Handouts of advice and resource ideas will be available. These workshops are aimed at Early Years and Key Stage 1 (Ages 2-7).

Homework help:word building

The Homework debate will always continue; however most children will be given some sort of homework. It can be an unpleasant battle at the end of a busy day and often ends in arguments and tears. Allow Little Learning Seeds to take that battle away from you and come and support your child through their homework.

Little Learning Seeds Blog:

Available for all. Little Learning Seeds will be sharing ideas, thoughts and learning experiences for you to support your children’s learning at home. Please enjoy expanding your bank of learning activities and resources through my blog.

Home Education Support:

We can provide support for families who home educate their children. Whether this is through 1:1 support, creating targets for families to follow, advice about reintegration into school or running groups for home educated children, we can help.