Spring Into Time

The concept of time is a challenge for most little people. Time is not only about telling the time, a skill which gets taught normally from Year 1. Time concepts, such as seasons, days of the week, months of the year and birthdays are introduced to children throughout the early years and make up the foundations of time understanding. Master L and I spend lots of time outside and there are so many signs of Spring on it’s way.  Here in the UK, Spring is such a wonderful season and the signs and symbols are so visible for even very young children. From lambs bouncing in fields, snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils sprouting to longer days, frogspawn and warmer air, a perfect time to talk about seasons. Here are some fun easy ways to introduce early time concepts to little learners.photo 1

  • Always talk about which day of the week it is. Make it a morning routine activity. Ask children before they go to bed what day will it be tomorrow when they wake up.
  • Talk about months of the year, count them, name them. This is a good introduction to seasons too.
  • Make a seasons wheel, using pictures, nature bits and bobs, paint, colours or craft. Discuss and research what happens in each season i.e. weather, animals, flowers, trees etc.
  • Identify special days i.e birthdays, festivals, celebrations. Talk about them, teach your child their birthday from an early age, remember this is such a special day for them. Make countdowns to events, make them visible and let children mark off the days.
  • Show children your diary or calendar, what the days and dates are and how they work.
  • Children understand the concept of time in relation to ‘sleeps’ very well, so explain an event coming up or a visit somewhere for example like this: “We are going to Granny’s house in 2 sleeps.”
  • Use everyday time language with your child: morning, afternoon, lunchtime, teatime, evening, night time, before, after, next week, next month etc.
  • Use a specific song or a large egg timer (available at Early Learning Centre) for children to tidy up their toys to.
  • Beat the clock/kitchen timer games e.g. How many times can you run up the stairs? How many star jumps can you do? How many times can you write your name?

Some fun resources we have found: