Sharing Stories

Everyone loves a new story to share with their child and I often oi-doghave requests for some exciting and different book ideas, especially with  Christmas coming up. Another genius book based idea is a subscription to The Little Reading Club, who send the most beautifully packaged parcels full of books as often as you wish

Here are ten of the latest favourites in our household as well as suggestions from all our little learners. Happy reading!

  • Little Explorers range- mixed authors, excellent non fiction books
  • The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright
  • Pip and Posy Collection by Axel Scheffler outer-space
  • 10 Little Pirates/Princesses etc by M.Brownlow & S.Rickerty
  • How Big Was a Dinosaur? by A.Milbourne
  • Oi Dog! by K.Gray
  • Little Children’s Bedtime Music Book by F.Watt & W.Squillace
  • I Love You Blue Kangaroo by E.Chichester Clark
  • The Night Pirates by P.Harris
  • The Large Family Collection by J.Murphy