Book Love

There is nothing better than getting lost into the fictional adventures book-time-2of a book, sadly not such an occurrence these days apart from the wonderful world of picture books! Master L and H both adore books and I am a huge fan of reading to both boys, as well as them having easy access to books at all times. All our delights go through the stage of choosing the same book every night before bed, which as much as we love reading, it does get rather dull for us, especially by that stage in the day! This week, I share our favourite books of the moment, which I hope inspires your book collection and gift ideas with some new characters, settings and stories. book-pile

  • Scaredy Cat! by D.Howarth & M.Joyce
  • Cops and Robbers by J&A.Ahlberg
  • Beautiful Bananas by E.Laird & L.Pichon
  • How to Hide a Lion by H.Stephens
  • Little One by J.Weaver
  • I Took the Moon for a Walk by C.Curtis & A.Jay
  • Sam who went to Sea by P.Root & A.Scheffler
  • Oh No, George! by C.Haughton
  • You’re Too Small! by S.Roddie & S.Lavis
  • The Giant Jumperee by J.Donaldson & H.Oxenbury