Sharing the Masterpieces

We have written about sharing art and exploring galleries with you lgt-2before, but we just adore the sound of this wonderful company, now taking bookings in London. The Little Grand Tour echoes and supports all our beliefs and thoughts about bringing learning alive in meaningful ways. Masters L and H have a couple of years before they can join in these fabulous tours, but one to certainly share and even consider as a present for all those 6+ children in your lives. Isabel Lamb, Founder, says:

“The Little Grand Tour provides small, tailored gallery and lgt1museum tours for children in London aged 6-12 years. All our two hour tours are delivered by our fabulous ‘art wizards’ who engage children with carefully chosen artworks through a combination of listening, interaction and creativity, specifically designed to match the rhythm of the child’s mind. Above all, we want your children to have an experience that shows them learning can be fun. We hope to inspire an appreciation of art and history, which can compliment learning at school and the tours will hopefully stimulate discussion at home, so children can share what they have learnt.”
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